Omnicell XT Automated Dispensing Cabinets

A Smarter, Safer Way to Manage Medications

Managing medications is a critical part of patient care—you can't afford to waste time or make mistakes. Omnicell® XT Automated Dispensing Cabinets create a smarter, safer process for getting the right medication to the right patient, helping to improve the overall patient medication experience.

  • Increase medication safety and security through metal locking lid drawers and features like an integrated Medication Label Printer

  • More efficiently manage inventory with up to 50% greater capacity compared with similar units on the market

  • Easily expand or modify the system as your needs change

  • Remove redundant workflow through advanced integration with the electronic health record (EHR) systems

Ideal for acute and non-acute care sites, XT offers more cabinet choices than other automated dispensing systems and includes a range of supply cabinets.

Best in KLAS Cabinets

The following nurse-friendly innovations are part of the reason Omnicell cabinets have earned the top KLAS award 12 consecutive years:

  • Unique solution for managing controlled substances without the need for countbacks

  • Automated method for managing patient-specific medications—decreased missing doses 30%

  • Remote cabinet access for more efficient med passes—reduced cabinet removal time 33%

Integration with Performance Center

For pharmacies using our Performance Center service to improve inventory management, a unique workflow application is available for XT cabinets that helps optimize par levels and expiration date management.

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  • Reduce medication errors and improve quality of care

  • Heighten medication security and diversion prevention 

  • Increase nursing and pharmacy staff efficiency

  • Improve medication tracking and regulatory compliance 

  • Reduce inventory costs and minimize impact of drug shortages 

13 Years Best in KLAS for ADCs

Flexible, Adaptable System

  • Modern Starbus electronics architecture enables future innovations 

  • Wireless option for external return bin and refrigerator lock/temperature monitor allows greater freedom in placement

  • Compatible with previous-generation Omnicell G4 cabinets and available with AcuDose-Rx software*

Unique Innovations

Inventory Management Support

  • Up to 50% more capacity compared with similar units on the market

  • Shelf bins and IV shelf tray help optimally organize inventory

  • Comprehensive menu of standard and customizable reports

  • Integrates with our Performance Center service to support par level optimization and expiration date management

Functionality to Improve User Experience and Patient Safety

  • Guiding Lights identify location of selected items

  • Integrated Medication Label Printer with validated barcode

  • Advanced fingerprint bioID system for fast, secure access

  • SafetyStock® barcode scanning helps prevent errors

  • Advanced integration with major EHR systems: Epic, Cerner, Siemens

Diversion Prevention

  • Controlled Substance Dispenser restricts access to narcotics and eliminates need for narcotic counts

  • Metal locking lid drawers help prevent tampering

  • Closed Loop Dose Accountability integrates with EHR to improve controlled substance accountability

  • Omnicell Analytics provides targeted diversion monitoring in dashboard format

Advanced Technology Platform

  • Remote access to server with seven years of live data easily accessible

  • Up to 1,000 cabinets can be connected to a single server/database 

  • Microsoft® Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB with BitLocker Drive Encryption and updated Intel technology enhance reliability, security, and responsiveness


*AcuDose-Rx systems in U.S. only

Omnicell XT Automated Medication Dispensing Cabinet Choices

No other medication dispensing system offers more cabinet choices to meet the needs of acute and non-acute care sites.

  • Medications and supplies can be combined in a single cabinet, adding convenience and saving space

  • Drawers can easily be added or changed on-site as clinical needs change

For cabinet dimensions and drawer choices, download the Omnicell XT Specifications Sheet


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"Omnicell's interoperability, user-friendly interface and forward-thinking approach to medication management set them apart in our search."

Jeff St. Clair, President and Chief Executive Officer, Springhill Medical Center View More