Omnicell XT Automated Dispensing Cabinets

A Smarter, Safer Way to Manage Medications

Managing medications is a critical part of patient care—you can't afford to waste time or make mistakes. Omnicell® XT Automated Dispensing Cabinets create a smarter, safer process for getting the right medication to the right patient, helping to improve the overall patient medication experience.

  • Increase medication safety and security through metal locking lid drawers and features like an integrated Medication Label Printer

  • More efficiently manage inventory with up to 50% greater capacity compared with similar units on the market

  • Easily expand or modify the system as your needs change

  • Remove redundant workflow through advanced integration with the electronic health record (EHR) systems

Ideal for acute and non-acute care sites, XT offers more cabinet choices than other automated dispensing systems and includes a range of supply cabinets.

Best in KLAS Cabinets

The following nurse-friendly innovations are part of the reason Omnicell cabinets have earned the top KLAS award 12 consecutive years:

  • Unique solution for managing controlled substances without the need for countbacks

  • Automated method for managing patient-specific medications—decreased missing doses 30%

  • Remote cabinet access for more efficient med passes—reduced cabinet removal time 33%

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  • Reduce medication errors and improve quality of care

  • Heighten medication security and diversion prevention 

  • Increase nursing and pharmacy staff efficiency

  • Improve medication tracking and regulatory compliance 

  • Reduce inventory costs and minimize impact of drug shortages 

Flexible, Adaptable System

  • Modern Starbus electronics architecture enables future innovations 

  • Wireless option for external return bin and refrigerator lock/temperature monitor allows greater freedom in placement

  • Compatible with previous-generation Omnicell G4 cabinets and available with AcuDose-Rx software*

Unique Innovations

Inventory Management Support

  • Up to 50% more capacity compared with similar units on the market

  • Shelf bins and IV shelf tray help optimally organize inventory

  • Comprehensive menu of standard and customizable reports

Functionality to Improve User Experience and Patient Safety

  • Guiding Lights identify location of selected items

  • Integrated Medication Label Printer with validated barcode

  • Advanced fingerprint bioID system for fast, secure access

  • SafetyStock® barcode scanning helps prevent errors

  • Advanced integration with major EHR systems: Epic, Cerner, Siemens

Diversion Prevention

  • Controlled Substance Dispenser restricts access to narcotics and eliminates need for narcotic counts

  • Metal locking lid drawers help prevent tampering

  • Closed Loop Dose Accountability integrates with EHR to improve controlled substance accountability

  • Omnicell Analytics provides targeted diversion monitoring in dashboard format

Advanced Technology Platform

  • Remote access to server with seven years of live data easily accessible

  • Up to 1,000 cabinets can be connected to a single server/database 

  • Microsoft® Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB with BitLocker Drive Encryption and updated Intel technology enhance reliability, security, and responsiveness


*AcuDose-Rx systems in U.S. only

Omnicell XT Automated Medication Dispensing Cabinet Choices

No other medication dispensing system offers more cabinet choices to meet the needs of acute and non-acute care sites.

  • Medications and supplies can be combined in a single cabinet, adding convenience and saving space

  • Drawers can easily be added or changed on-site as clinical needs change

For cabinet dimensions and drawer choices, download the Omnicell XT Specifications Sheet


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"For nurses, the time savings are huge. Rather than running to four or five different drug locations and making calls to pharmacy, they now have 95 to 98 percent of the medications they require in one spot."

Jane Martin, Director of Pharmacy, Guelph General Hospital View More