Omnicell remains steadfast in its commitment to safeguarding the environment, prioritizing the health and safety of our workforce, and adhering to all relevant laws and regulations. Our approach involves:

  1. Environmental Stewardship:
    • Preventing pollution, minimizing waste, and curbing our carbon footprint.
  2. Workplace Safety:
    • Establishing and maintaining a secure and healthy work environment for both employees and contractors. Including eliminating hazards and reducing risk.
  3. Legal Compliance:
    • Ensuring strict adherence to environmental, health, and safety laws and regulations.
  4. Continuous Improvement:
    • Striving for ongoing enhancements in our environmental, health, and safety performance.
  5. Objective Setting:
    • Establishing and periodically reviewing objectives and targets in these domains.
  6. Resource Allocation and Training:
    • Allocating appropriate resources and providing comprehensive training to support our commitment.
  7. Commitment to consultation and participation of workers:
    • Encourage active and ongoing participation of and consultation with workers in the development and review of health and safety practices and, where appropriate, the development of the OH&S management system.
  8. Transparent Communication:
    • Effectively communicating our environmental, health, and safety policies and performance to employees, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

This policy extends across all our operations and activities, subject to periodic reviews and updates to maintain its relevance and effectiveness.