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Empower your potential. Join the team transforming pharmacy and breaking barriers to provide next-level patient care.

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Why We Exist

Empowering the Autonomous Pharmacy  

We’re redefining medication management through robotics, smart devices, software, and expert services.

Our purpose is to be the healthcare providers’ most trusted partner to enable the autonomous pharmacy transformation.

Who We Are

We believe big ideas can come from anyone, but excellent outcomes take a team. Managers are accessible, skip-level meetings are common, and leadership and success don’t require a long job title. At our core, Omnicellians are deeply entrepreneurial. We balance grit with grace and drive with kindness.

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Where and How We Work

Our teams connect and work together remotely, on-site, and hybrid across the United States, India, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and East Asia.

We offer a variety of paid time off and leaves, including discretionary time off and holidays. Connect with your recruiter about your work hours during the hiring process.

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What We Offer

Training for performance and development

At all levels, we're committed to creating a culture focused on our employees' growth. Our Founder and CEO joins us in the classroom, teaching business strategy for new employee orientation—and he's yet to miss one.

We provide tuition reimbursement, comprehensive training and development programs, and free access to programs like LinkedIn Learning for all employees.

Benefits for you and your family to live well

We design our health, insurance, retirement, and wellbeing programs to ensure quality, value, financial protection, and access to resources to help employees and their families live well. Talk to your recruiter to learn about country-specific coverage.

Community and belonging

We are a company with a social mission - when our products deliver on our promises, we improve healthcare systems' performance and patient health outcomes. Our social pledge equally extends to our employees, communities, and environment.

Our Impact

Small Teams. Diverse Opportunities. Global Impact.

Transforming it requires collaboration from people with various skillsets, thinking, and experiences. We are united by our guiding principles that inform everything we do:

  • As Passionate Transformers, we find a better way to innovate relentlessly. 
  • Being Mission Driven, we consistently deliver on our promises.
  • Our Entrepreneurial spirit makes the most of EVERY opportunity for innovation.
  • Understanding that Relationships Matter creates synergies that yield the greatest benefits for all.
  • In Doing the Right Thing, we lead by example in ALL we do. 

Our roles are diverse and include Pharmacy Services, Robotics and Software Engineering, Professional Services, Product Design, Manufacturing, corporate functions, and more.