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Speed Up Your Drug Diversion Detection Process

Monitoring potential drug diversion is critical for patient safety, but pharmacy and nurse managers can spend hours a day sifting through medication automation reports to spot suspicious activity.

Omnicell Analytics streamlines the process of monitoring drug diversion across a health system. The simplicity and effectiveness of this web-based pharmacy analytics software saves valuable time and provides real-time data, helping you reduce risk to patients.

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  • Reduces risk to patients and healthcare institutions by quickly detecting drug diversion incidents

  • Creates a more efficient and targeted process for identifying potential diverters

  • Improves compliance with the Joint Commission and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

  • Prescription drug diversion software uses real-time data to identify abnormal drug usage and null activity, including trends

  • Advanced algorithm minimizes false positives by identifying suspicious patterns compared to peer activity

  • Impactful dashboards display user, drug, and patient information relevant for managing diversion.

    • Users of Interest Dashboard View overall scores of suspicious users based on usage, compared to their peers, across the health system. Three user types allow more targeted investigations: Pharmacy, Nursing, Anesthesia

    • User Score Card and Summary − Identifies users' potential drug(s) of choice based on their activity over time.

    • Patient Care Timeline − For potential diverters identified, the timeline lists details of medication transactions by patient.*

  • Centralized authentication with Microsoft Active Directory relieves burden of user name and password management

  • Training: Omnicell offers a variety of practical, interactive, virtual training opportunities for Omnicell Analytics system administrators and end users.

* If you have Omnicell's Closed Loop Dose Accountability available for Epic, Cerner, and Siemens electronic health record systems, the administration amount will be shown on the Patient Care Timeline along with issue, return, and waste information in a single view, saving time spent identifying variances.

Minimum Requirements:

  • OmniCenter® 20.0 or higher, Unity enterprise platform

  • Windows 2012 or higher server

Contact us at 724-741-6780 for upgrade information customized to your facility's needs.

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"I've saved hours in my week by viewing cabinet issues and Epic-documented administrations side-by-side within Omnicell Analytics to help pinpoint suspicious behavior that may indicate potential diversion. Having the data on a single screen helps me avoid looking at multiple sources for the information I need."

Joe Ascolese, RPh, MBA, Pharmacy Compliance Coordinator, Hackensack University Medical Center View More