IVX Workflow

Enhance Safety, Efficiency, and Compliance in IV Sterile Compounding

To help you achieve safer, more accurate, and streamlined IV sterile compounding Omnicell offers an innovative workflow management system. Omnicell IVX Workflow supports best practices with an integrated solution that safely and consistently guides technicians step-by-step through the IV compounding process.

Designed for easy placement within laminar airflow (LAF) hoods or isolators, the Omnicell IVX Workflow incorporates integrated barcode scanning, gravimetric or volumetric verification, advanced image recognition, photo documentation, and label printing. It is powered by Omnicell IVX Cloud web-based software designed to manage all aspects of IV sterile compounding workflow.

IVX Workflow is designed to drive technician efficiency and proper aseptic technique through an all-in-one design and limited-touch workflows.

IVX Workflow can be combined with Omnicell's non-hazardous and hazardous robotic compounding solutions to further enhance safety, improve therapy, reduce cost, and facilitate compliance in your IV room.

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  • Enables alignment with best practice recommendations1 through flexible gravimetric verification

  • Drives efficiency and streamlined technician workflow with all-in-one design

  • Optimizes pharmacist’s time with streamlined remote verification of admixtures

  • Supports compliance through integration with market-leading quality management and compliance software, Simplifi 797®

Explore more about IV compounding technology on our IV Compounding Resources page.

1 Institute for Safe Medication Practices. ISMP Guidelines for Safe Preparation of Compounded Sterile Preparations (revised 2016). https://www.ismp.org/tools/guidelines/IVSummit/IVCGuidelines.pdf

Hardware Features

  • All-in-one IV workflow design

  • Integrated barcode scanning

  • Gravimetric or volumetric verification

  • Multi-spectral photo documentation

  • Label printing

  • Antimicrobial widescreen display

Cloud-Driven Capabilities

  • IVX Cloud supports comprehensive formulary and order management. Capabilities include:

    • Creation of standard recipes with gravimetric or volumetric verification based on a wide variety of patient and/or order information

    • Remote pharmacist checking

    • Robust reporting and analytics to drive optimization and efficiency

    • HL-7 integration with pharmacy and hospital information systems

    • Integration with Simplifi 797 quality management and compliance software

    Supportive Services

    • Formulary Tool Kit – Provides low cost access to cGMP stability and specific gravity data to enable extended beyond-use dates

    Physical specifications of the IVX Workflow device:

    Device Measurements: 408 mm long x 385 mm wide x 466 mm high (16″ x 15″ x 18″)

    Power: 100-240 AC / 50-60 Hz standard outlet or NEMA 5-15R outlet

    Balance: Sartorius WZA8202_L

    Weight Capacity: 8,200 g (~18 pounds)

    Power Cord: 1.83 m (6′)