Specialty Pharmacy

Omnicell 340B TPA

As covered entities face rising healthcare costs, reimbursement cuts, and uncompensated care, the federal 340B Drug Pricing Program continues to be an important source of funding for vital patient care. Technology-driven 340B management software is also a key component of the Autonomous Pharmacy, an industry vision for zero-error medication management through automation, intelligence, and technology-enabled services.


  • 340B Split-Billing Software

    Built on a market-leading claims qualification engine, this easy-to-use, web-based ordering and inventory management tool drives productivity and optimizes 340B program value, supporting both mixed-use and retail pharmacy environments.

  • Pharmacy Administration

    Our solutions simplify program management across your entire pharmacy network with the industry’s highest standard for compliance.

  • Patient Care Card Program

    Our patient care card program allows you to share 340B savings with your community by extending drug discounts or subsidizing medications for eligible patients.