Our Technical Assistance Center team is expanding our footprint in Fort Worth because we know some of the best technical support professionals call Cowtown their home, and we’re excited to connect this talent with purposeful work transforming the pharmacy care delivery model and improving patient care.

Get to know some of the members of our hiring team, their career paths, and their interview tips.



Vanessa Nnaji
Manager, Contact Center

I've been at Omnicell for two years.  

My career journey spans 25+ years in the services sector—varying roles from manager, program and project manager, business planning consultant, and service delivery manager.  

A typical day for me involves coaching and mentoring employees, daily stand-ups, inter-and-intra-department collaboration, and call quality reviews. 

My favorite project has been the transformation of our team's delivery and support model. 

The Omnicell core value that resonates with me the most is Do the Right Thing

My interview advice is to arrive 10–15 minutes early, you'll thank yourself! Additionally, make sure to have questions ready to ask the interviewer and be prepared to explain why you're interested in working for Omnicell. 

My work philosophy is to listen more and talk less.  

An interesting fact about me is that I held my college's 400-meter track and field record for 20 years. 

Daniel Fuller
Sr. Manager, Technical Assistance Center

I've been at Omnicell 15 years. 

My career journey at Omnicell has been diverse. I've worked in sales, field service, operations, sales finance, and the technical assistance center. Omnicell is a place where you can explore many opportunities.  

Something different about Omnicell is that we make a billion dollars in revenue but have a smaller company feel where everyone is working together toward a common goal.   

The Omnicell core value that resonates with me the most is Intellectually Curious. We look to hire people who have this mindset so we can help our customers and continue to innovate. 

My interview advice is to be real, honest, and transparent. 

The productivity hack I live by is to take notes as you go and communicate quickly. If you wait, you may miss helping someone.

An interesting fact about me is that I was an Airborne Ranger and Drill Sergeant in the U.S. Army. 

Luis Acevedo Cardona
Manager, Technical Assistance Center

I've been at Omnicell nine months. 

My career journey has been 23+ years of experience in IT support in the pharmacy, medical device, and manufacturing industries. I enjoy working in teams and helping coach people in new technologies and business processes.

Something different about Omnicell is that we're helping improve patients' lives through our products. We're behind-the-scenes superheroes, and we get to help our healthcare customers focus on patient care every day. 

A typical day for me is working with team members to attend to our customer's needs and translate those needs into service tasks or solutions that build trust and provide the best customer experience. 

My favorite project has been backlog reduction, a collaborative effort where the team has helped customers and their requests in record time.

My best habit is that I always greet everyone with a smile. 

The productivity hack I live by is "Never leave for tomorrow what you can do today."

Now that you’ve met some of the members of the hiring team, check out our open jobs at omnicell.com/careers