Get to know some of the team members at our software development center in India who are delivering services that support our cloud platform to help our healthcare customers achieve better operational outcomes and break barriers to provide next-level patient care.


Shivasagar KS
Software Engineer III

I've been at Omnicell for two years, and I joined because I am excited to contribute to a dynamic and innovative team.

My career journey has allowed me to develop a deep understanding of the pharmacy industry. What I value most about my journey at Omnicell is the collaborative environment that fosters creativity and continuous learning. Every step of the way, I've been fortunate to work alongside talented colleagues who share the same passion for excellence.

A typical day for me is a blend of cross-team collaboration, data analysis, strategic planning, mentorship, and learning.

My favorite project I've worked on at Omnicell is building a no-code web app framework platform that democratizes app creation for non-technical builders.

My interview advice to a candidate is to highlight your teamwork and problem-solving examples and demonstrate how you embody Omnicell's Core Values.

In another life, if I weren't a software engineer, I would explore the world as a travel photographer.

Priyanka Shet
Software Engineer III


I've been at Omnicell for ten months.

My career journey thus far has been devoted to the art of crafting web applications.

My favorite project I've worked on is contributing to our OmniMeta project and its feature development. This experience has not only made me happier but it has also made me more productive as I continue to explore new opportunities and challenges.

The Omnicell core value that resonates with me the most is "Do the Right Thing." It aligns with my commitment to ethical practices in all aspects of my work.

My work philosophy is "persistent learning, consistent change." This philosophy drives me to deliver innovative solutions and contribute to the growth of myself and the projects I work on.

The meal that makes me happy is a flavorful plate of chicken biryani, especially when prepared with rich ghee.

Nikhil Sreenivas
Senior Manager, Software Engineering


I've been at Omnicell for three months.

My career journey has been engineering within the Microsoft technology space, building microservices and web applications, executing API programs, and more. I've been in the casino, supply chain, and geographic information systems industries and am excited to be in healthcare now.

A typical day for me is meeting with the team on scrum calls, having technical design discussions across groups, collaborating with the Product team, coding, engaging with fellow team managers, partnering with the Talent Acquisition team, and learning via Omnicell's company-wide learning platform.

My favorite project has been working on the inventory optimization service product. What I liked about this project is practices are implemented and followed in a way that helps each development member provide a quality output.

Something different about Omnicell is our process for communication and knowledge sharing between different teams is intentional and unique from my other experiences.

The productivity hack I live by is keyboard shortcuts, always.

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