Single Dose Blister Cards

Image of single dose pill blister packs
Image of single dose pill blister packs

Improve Medication Management with High Quality Single Dose Blister Cards

Omnicell offers an extensive variety of heat seal and cold seal blister cards for single-dose packaging of medications for institutional pharmacies servicing long-term care, assisted-living, and correctional facilities. By providing top-of-the-line single-dose blister cards to your facilities, you'll be helping improve medication management, the patient experience, and ultimately medication-related patient outcomes.

Omnicell's single-dose blister cards provide an easy-to-use medication dispensing mechanism that clearly show if pills were taken or missed, and indicate when refills are needed.

  • SureMed by Omnicell blister cards are manufactured in the U.S.
  • Meet requirements for a class B container
  • Can be customized to reflect your corporate identity and increase your brand equity
  • Heat Seal, Cold Seal, and Reclaimable Cards
  • Dose formats: 14, 15, 16, 28, 30, 31, 32, 60, 62, 90


All standard single-dose blister cards are made from high-quality raw materials, providing durability and an attractive appearance. Blisters are available in clear or amber to accommodate light-sensitive medications.

Cards can be purchased separately from blisters or as a one-piece card. Standard one-piece cards come with the blister already adhered to the card, helping to save staff time.

Heat Seal Blister Cards

Heat seal blister cards are required for most pre-pack and automated medication packaging solutions. Omnicell's many varieties of single-dose heat seal cards require heat sealing equipment, but the cards are more cost-effective than cold-seal packaging. Omnicell offers a range of heat sealing equipment, cards, blisters, and accessories to help support your pharmacy workflow.

Many different heat seal blister card types are available, including:

  • Unit Dose/Reclaimable Packaging - Highly versatile, cost-effective, and practical blister packaging ideal for use in automated dispensing cabinets and e-kits. Coupled with our Unit Dose Foil Labeling System, you can print, package, and seal a wide variety of medication packaging styles ranging from 24-hour dosing to 30-day regimens.
  • Opti-Pak™ - Versatile compliance package designed for reduced administration time using a system of color-coded, highly visible prescription labels.
  • Control Cards - Packaging designed for the identification of controlled substances. The red color and smaller size help differentiate it from other blister cards.
  • Red Cards - Available in standard 6" or narrow width of 5 5/8' to accommodate different med cart styles and come in 31-, 62-, and 90-day formats.
  • Trap Door Cards - Provide an extra layer of cardboard over the foil to ensure an added level of tamper evidence. These cards are available in 30- and 60-dose formats.
  • Mealtime Cards - 31-day cards available in various colors to visually identify PRN, morning, afternoon, evening, and bedtime passes.
  • Short-Cycle Dispensing - Durable, cost-effective 9" x 6" standard 14-dose short-cycle blister cards that fit into most standard carts.

Cold Seal Blister Cards

No matter the size of the pharmacy operation, Omnicell's cold seal blister cards are both efficient and reliable. This packaging is pressure-sensitive and does not require heat sealing equipment. Cold seal blister cards are ideal for stat orders, for heat-sensitive medications, or when the use of a heat sealer is not practical. Omnicell also manufactures a variety of supplies, including punch cards, lidding, and labels for your DOSIS automation.


Single-dose blister cards can be co-branded or fully customized to promote your brand.


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