Satellite Pharmacy Manager

Dual Monitors OmniLinkRx Medication Order Management
Dual Monitors OmniLinkRx Medication Order Management

Inventory Management Beyond the Pharmacy

Your central pharmacy may be a model of efficiency, but what about satellite facilities? Do you have visibility to the inventory coming and going and the costs?

Satellite Pharmacy Manager can be integrated with Central Pharmacy Manager to provide greater visibility of remote inventory, including usage and dollar value. Together, these software solutions allow you to better manage inventory in multiple satellite facilities tied to your health system's central pharmacy.

To simplify pharmacy database management and ensure a consistent user experience, Central Pharmacy Manager and Satellite Pharmacy Manager share a database with Omnicell Automated Dispensing Cabinets and other systems on the Unity Enterprise Platform via the OmniCenter® server.


  • Prioritized picking queue
  • Pharmacist verification
  • Expiration date management
  • Cycle count
  • Fingerprint bioID authentication


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