Diversion Insights

An Extra Set of Eyes Supporting Your Diversion Program

The risk of diversion is real, yet identifying a diverter can be challenging—and often takes hours of staff time. Omnicell® Performance Center™ offers a unique diversion monitoring service in conjunction with Omnicell Analytics software, a highly effective diversion detection tool.

Diversion Insights lets you take full advantage of the intelligence the software provides about potential drug diversion across your health system. You’ll also have the support of qualified analysts who evaluate your health system’s data to identify potential diversion activity and quickly bring those cases to the forefront.

Key benefits include:

  • Dedicated clinical resources to help monitor potential diversion on the nursing floor, in the pharmacy, and in the OR
  • Dashboards to help monitor, trend, and report controlled substance prevention program successes
  • Best practice recommendations based on shared learnings of Performance Center partners

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“Within the first few weeks of engaging the Performance Center’s diversion services, we identified two potential diversion cases. We were able to quickly validate a diverter within our health system, as well as identify a ‘false alarm’ due to a user following improper protocols.”

John Art, DPh, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare View More