Clinical Insights

Data-Driven Insights to Costs and Care

How much time is your organization and staff spending to analyze how medication use affects factors such as readmission rates, lengths of stay, and other patient outcomes? This kind of analysis often involves a disjointed process that is cumbersome and time consuming.

With Clinical Insights, you have a better way to manage medication costs and efficacy of medication therapies. Omnicell’s dedicated team of clinical strategists review medication data from the time a patient enters the health system through reimbursement to identify opportunities to improve formulary, distribution, and administration practices. The goal is to enhance patient care while reducing cost of service. 

Key benefits include:

  • Ability to evaluate medication efficacy in specific patient populations
  • Monitoring and tracking of trends among prescribers of “high risk” and “high cost” medications
  • Comparative analysis within a health system or across Omnicell’s customer base

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