Image of Omnicell Analytics
Image of Omnicell Analytics

Cloud-Hosted Platform that's Versatile, Scalable, and Secure

The OmniCenter® platform, where database management and administration functions are conducted, is at the core of various Omnicell automation systems.

This cloud-based solution allows you to focus on the business of pharmacy and your impact on patient care, rather than being burdened by managing IT systems. Omnicell manages the data and servers, including monitoring, maintenance, upgrades, disaster recovery, and patches.

With the flexible OmniCenter hospital server, a common database is used across Omnicell systems—from the central pharmacy to the bedside. A single server can support multiple facilities, and the Multitenancy option supports health systems that want to segment data by individual hospital site. The shared database reduces the need for interfaces and helps eliminate time-consuming manual tasks that can lead to errors.

All of your OmniCenter medication inventory is now visible with Omnicell Essentials, a cloud-based dashboard available at no cost that makes it easy to search for medications, observe levels of COVID-19 medications, and monitor controlled substance activity. Essentials helps make your OmniCenter day-to-day pharmacy operations easier than ever.


Robust Technology

  • Securely stores data, providing quick, convenient access
  • Cloud-hosted system enables software upgrades to be deployed seamlessly
  • Multitenancy option enables a single server/database to segment data by site, so individual hospitals in a health system will only have access to data from their sites, yet select pharmacy administrators can have a systemwide view.
  • Windows 2019 operating system
  • Supports multiple time zones—useful for larger health systems and long-term care networks
  • OmniCenter Remote Access (OCRA) allows access from any PC connected to the hospital's network

Flexible User Management

  • Advanced fingerprint bioID and barcode access options
  • Supports Microsoft Active Directory

Highly Configurable Software

  • Select functions by item, location, and users
  • Flexible restocking by routes, users, and locations
  • Comprehensive suite of reports can be scheduled, e-mailed, and exported to Microsoft Excel


If your health system is unable to accommodate cloud hosting at this time, the OmniCenter is available in an on-premise physical or virtual architecture (VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V).


Omnicell is dedicated to providing maximum up-time and comprehensive product support. Please visit our Product Support page to learn more.

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