Cerner Interoperability - EHR Integration with Omnicell

Image of Omnicell Analytics
Image of Omnicell Analytics

Improve Medication Management Through Your EHR

Omnicell offers direct integration between our medication dispensing system and the Cerner Millennium® electronic health record (EHR) system to improve the way you manage medications.

The Cerner interoperability removes redundant steps from nursing workflow, freeing up time for patient care and increasing medication safety.

Our Cerner integration solutions include:

Remote Medication Queuing 

Allows clinicians to preselect medications, view availability, and document waste from the EHR - functions that previously needed to be done at the cabinet.

Closed Loop Dose Accountability 

Automatically identifies variances between medications dispensed from the cabinet versus medications documented as administered and/or wasted, saving time for pharmacy and nursing.


Closed Loop Dose Accountability

Automatically compares medications dispensed and/or wasted from the cabinet versus those documented as administered in the Cerner EHR system, providing:

  • Increased vigilance of controlled substances
  • Reduced time spent tracking variances

An end of shift report identifies outstanding waste for nursing.

Remote Medication Queuing

Allows clinicians to perform many functions within the Cerner system rather than at the automated dispensing cabinet. No separate Omnicell login is required, and the process for removing medications is streamlined.

From the Omnicell mPage in Cerner PowerChart® nurses can:

This functionality helps to reduce errors and streamlines medication administration activities, allowing nurses to spend more time on patient care.

Plug-and-Play Connection 

Direct connection to Cerner EHR system via the Cerner CareAware iBus™, which provides plug-and-play bidirectional communication. Compared with using standard HL7 interfaces, this connection enables:

  • Improved clinical data exchange
  • Faster implementation and reduced testing
  • Reduced system maintenance


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