Pharmacist working on a digital tablet
Pharmacist working on a digital tablet

Automate Scheduling and Reporting of Vaccinations and Point-of-Care Testing

Retail pharmacies now administer about a third of the total flu vaccinations in the U.S. With this growing role as a front-line community care provider and the continuing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s expected that pharmacies will face an even bigger patient demand for vaccines and other point-of-care testing in the fall flu season.

Pharmacies need an efficient, effective way to manage the scheduling and reporting of vaccinations and point-of-care testing, and CareScheduler from Omnicell Population Health Solutions meets that need and more.

As part of our Patient Engagement Platform, the new CareScheduler solution automates the scheduling process using patient-friendly communication tools, such as mobile messaging and chatbots.

CareScheduler benefits include:

  • Reduces costs and increases patient retention by automating manual and inefficient processes related to vaccinations and point-of-care testing
  • Provides patients with reminder of upcoming appointments
  • Manages reporting of vaccinations and point-of-care test


  • Automated, user-friendly scheduler ensures minimal staff time required for training and implementation
  • Reduces the number of vaccination walk-ins, enabling the pharmacy to staff accordingly
  • Helps verify patient coverage and co-pays
  • Ensures that the pharmacy has the proper stock levels
  • Allows sensitive PHI to be collected digitally prior to the appointment, streamlining the process and saving time


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