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IVX Station

Innovative design features enable IVX Station to deliver throughput at a rate of three times faster than its predecessor.1 Every preparation goes through a robust process to ensure safety and accuracy. Our robots have prepared over 13M patient doses to date.2

1. Throughput varies depending on protocol.
2. Omnicell compounding data.


  • Patient Safety

    Enhance patient safety by fully automating the IV compounding process.

  • Improve Accuracy

    Improve accuracy with gravimetric controls, barcode scanning, and image recognition to verify ingredients and dose.

  • Reduce Cost

    Reduce costs with ready-to-administer syringes that minimize 503B outsourcing and OR drug waste.

  • Greater Control

    Increase supply chain control through a flexible, proactive alternative to outsourcing.

  • Formulary Library

    Unlock comprehensive formulary management with compounding data from Omnicell’s central formulary library.

  • Optimize Time

    Optimize pharmacists' time by streamlining remote verification of admixtures.



The Future of IV Robotics: IVX Station

Our completely reimagined, fully automated IV compounding robot tackles industry issues head on, while delivering patient safety, accuracy, cost savings, supply chain control, and compliance benefits.



IVX Station

Learn how IVX Station, the foundation of our IV Compounding Service, delivers reimagined robotic technology to meet and exceed your sterile compounding needs.

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