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November 03, 2020

The New Normal: Adopting Sophisticated Technologies Requires Successful Change Management

Tanja Portmann
VP of Professional Services, Omnicell

When it comes to digital transformation and implementation of new technology, change can be good, especially when that change is managed by a supporting, trusted technology partner.

Support can range from program management, project management, strategic solution design and transformation specialists to helping manage the required and, sometimes, unavoidable changes. 

I’m excited to join OhioHealth’s Charles McCluskey III, PharmD, Systems VP of Pharmacy Services and James Nelson, Manager of Pharmacy Informatics on Tuesday, Nov. 10 for a session titled, “Driving Adoption of Complex Technology Through Effective Change Management,” as part of Omnicell Illuminate 2020.

Charles and James will draw from their experience implementing large scale, system-wide technologies that deployed change management best practices. For example, they will highlight details regarding their recent perpetual inventory implementation, which they successfully implemented using effective change management strategies.

The session will offer attendees insights into:

  • Key components of change management as part of a technology adoption.
  • Risks and potential pitfalls of a large scale technology project.
  • Change management strategies that drive successful adoption

Charles will discuss how to best take the lead in the design, development, and delivery of new technology and ways to manage stakeholders’ exceptions for a successful adoption. Attendees will learn key strategies that organizations, such as OhioHealth, can deploy to mitigate risk associated with new technology adoption using effective change management principles.

James will share lessons learned from his personal experience leading technology implementation projects, risks and pitfalls he encountered, and ways and strategies to overcome them.

Learn how forward-thinking health systems like OhioHealth are rethinking their technology adoption strategies and ways that ensure organizational and operational success from adopting latest technology solutions.

Register today to discover the future of pharmacy at Omnicell Illuminate 2020 and explore our three-day slate of continuing education, networking, interactive demos, and more learning opportunities.


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