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July 15, 2021

Personalizing Our Path to the Autonomous Pharmacy

Michael Anderson, PharmD, MBA
Director of Pharmacy, Baptist Health Lexington

At Baptist Health Lexington, we’re constantly evaluating how we can improve performance and transform our pharmacy operations. As a leader in adoption of pharmacy technology, we see the Autonomous Pharmacy as an opportunity to deliver safer, more efficient medication management for the patients we serve.

I recently talked with Ken Perez, host of Omnicell’s Future of Pharmacy Podcast, and Baptist Health’s Chief Pharmacy Officer, Nilesh Desai, MBA, BS, RPh, CPP, about the pharmacy transformations that are happening every day, and how to identify the challenges that need to be addressed in order to deliver not only improved patient care, but elevated clinician satisfaction, and optimized pharmacy performance.

A free, self-assessment from the Autonomous Pharmacy Advisory Board has helped Baptist Health’s multi-facility system evaluate current levels of medication management, compare performance, and establish the benchmarks that enabled our leadership to chart a personalized pathway to building a zero-error, fully automated medication management platform.

In our podcast, Nilesh and I discuss how this free self-assessment tool helped us easily collaborate with operations across the health system to assess the five key areas that are critical to effective pharmacy operations: safety, efficiency, regulatory compliance, financial performance, and human resource management. The assessment helped us to get a clearer understanding of the strengths, the gaps, and the opportunities for improvement across our pharmacy supply chain. And importantly , it helped us see how we can allow our people – specifically pharmacists – to work at the top of their license, in the places where they can make the most impact.

Join us to learn more about how you can use this free strategic tool as a framework for analysis to uncover the meaningful insights and actionable data necessary to create your own personalized path to the fully Autonomous Pharmacy.

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