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April 26, 2022

Optimize Pharmacy Outcomes and Simplify Operations with the Cloud

Becky Strauts
Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Intelligence Marketing

The new normal is adaptation. The healthcare sector is experiencing dramatic changes, and medical organizations are reinventing their operations by migrating to the cloud. It's estimated the worldwide healthcare cloud computing market will increase at an annual growth rate of 17 percent by 2027.

As traditional hardware servers like Windows Server 2012 become obsolete ­­with the end of support, the time is now to consider moving to the cloud. A cloud­-hosted pharmacy software system will allow you to protect your data, simplify your pharmacy systems, better manage medication management challenges, and generate better outcomes based on data.

Switching to the cloud can increase ROI, reduce the total cost of ownership, and enhance your security.*

Cloud computing scales to meet your needs, but it frees you to focus on more meaningful clinical activities with your patients by eliminating the time-consuming administrative duties of on-premise servers.

Medications are one of the highest cost line items in a health system's budget, with significant annual loss. Real-time visibility makes it easier to reduce waste and track every dollar.

Utilizing cloud technology allows pharmacy and IT to align business objectives better and opens doors for data-driven improvements. By adopting cloud-hosted OmniCenter, you can:

  • Eliminate the physical server equipment on-premises from your company's site to improve your IT infrastructure. In addition to increasing the available physical space, this will ease the burden of managing software and hardware upgrades.
  • Securely access healthcare data in a HIPAA-compliant and scalable environment. Since Omnicell manages, protects, upgrades, and backs up OmniCenter data, the pharmacy is less dependent on in-house IT resources and has access to what they need to run their business effectively.
  • Save user time through a single sign-on that increases efficiency and eliminates multiple data entry points, allowing you to focus on patient care rather than OmniCenter server administration.
  • Ensure up-to-date features and functionality through regular updates that your server administrator or IT department doesn't need to install.

Migrating to a single cloud-based platform, such as Cloud-Hosted OmniCenter, and integrating systems through an intelligent infrastructure of automation, intelligence, and services will help your organization better manage the complexities of medication management and drive more substantial data-driven results.

Please view this webinar on the Key Business Benefits of Migrating to a Cloud Platform for more information.

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