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October 15, 2020

Discover the Five Stages to Achieving an Autonomous Pharmacy

Jim Stevenson, PharmD
Vice President, Medication Systems Strategy, Omnicell

The autonomous pharmacy is a bold new vision for the future of medication management that aims to replace manual, error-prone activities with automated interoperable processes that are safer and more efficient. The goal? To reallocate your hospital’s most precious resource — your pharmacy and nursing teams — to higher-value tasks that will drive improved patient outcomes and clinician satisfaction

I’m excited to join Mark Sullivan, Associate Chief Pharmacy Officer at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, on Monday, Nov. 9, for the CE-accredited session “Planning Your Journey to an Autonomous Pharmacy,” as part of Omnicell Illuminate 2020.

This session will help pharmacy stakeholders to understand the five-stage framework to guide the evolution to a fully autonomous pharmacy. The framework covers a broad range of critical organizational, technical, and human resource issues; it also supports the creation of strategic plans for more autonomous pharmacy enterprises that deliver better health and business outcomes.

The concept of the autonomous pharmacy — the vision to eliminate all manual tasks regarding medication dispensing and IV preparation — is a direct response to escalating challenges in medication and supply management across the continuum of care. We’ll be sharing how the Autonomous Pharmacy can lead to optimal performance in key elements such as safety, financial, efficiency, regulatory compliance, and people, allowing you to leverage technology to fully unlock human potential.

We’ll go behind the scenes to learn about the work that led to the development of the Autonomous Pharmacy Framework, as well as share a clear understanding of the benefits of each stage and the process to assess your health system’s current state. This session will provide you with a roadmap for continued growth in pursuit of the fully autonomous pharmacy.


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