Medication Adherence

Medication non-adherence is an increasingly growing threat to patient health. Now more than ever, pharmacies are positioned to play an important role in improving medication adherence. No matter what your adherence needs, from driving script volume and increasing PDC scores, to streamlining workflow and dealing with climbing DIR fees, only Omnicell provides a full suite of scalable medication adherence programs and solutions to help you achieve your business goals and improve patient outcomes.

Medication Blister Cards

Omnicell has wide range of medication packaging and packaging supplies to enhance medication adherence in a variety of non-acute care settings. We offer various multimed and single dose blister cards as well as software to streamline workflow and increase packing accuracy for your pharmacy.

Multimed Blister Card Automation

Omnicell provides automated solutions to help to free up staff and reduce operating expenses, giving our pharmacy partners a competitive advantage to easily scale their business. Our automation enables pharmacies to package medications accurately and efficiently, and incorporates inline vision systems that may qualify for a PV2 exemption.

Printing and Labeling

Omnicell understands how critical labeling is to the medication management process. The right pharmacy labeling equipment and software can ensure that you will provide a quality product while keeping pharmacy costs low and maintaining regulatory compliance. We can help you find the printing and labeling system that is right for your pharmacy.

Sealers and Pre-pack Equipment

Omnicell has a range of sealing solutions, perfect for almost any pharmacy—from a low-volume manual blister card sealer to a high-volume, all-electric heat sealer that can accommodate a variety of single dose and multimed blister cards, and unit dose packages. A combined filler and sealer and a deblistering machine round out our offering and empower pre-packing efficiency in the pharmacy.

Single Dose Blister Card Automation

Pharmacies experience unpredictable workflows on a daily basis, creating unwanted bottlenecks and inefficiencies. With Omnicell's automation, your pharmacy can reduce inventory and increase cash flow using robotic technology to accurately and efficiently fill single-dose blister packaging.