OptiFlex Medical Surgical Supply Chain System

Designed to Work the Way Nurses Work

It's no secret that bottlenecks to nursing efficiency can ultimately impact the patient experience. Finding ways to streamline workflow and avoid delays caused by stockouts gives nurses more time for patient care, and that can translate into improved outcomes and a better bottom line.

The OptiFlex™ Medical Surgical Supply Chain System allows you to quickly issue items to patients while simultaneously tracking inventory.

This robust software captures real-time, point-of-use data, enabling you to accurately track medical surgical supply inventory and procedures by physician.

  • Medical surgical supply items can be stocked on open shelves, closed cabinets, or a combination of the two.

  • Using a simple touch screen interface, nursing staff can easily issue items by simply scanning a bar code or pushing a button.

  • Medical surgical supply usage and patient charges are automatically tracked, eliminating the need for manual documentation.

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  • Improves supply chain service levels by automating the replenishment process, ensuring medical surgical supply items are always on hand

  • Lowers costs by reducing supply inventory levels and increasing inventory turns in the medical-surgical area

  • Increases revenue by ensuring consistent and accurate charging

  • Improves overall efficiency and productivity for materials management and nursing staff

Flexible Configurations

  • Manage medical surgical supply items on open shelves, closed cabinets, or a combination of the two

  • OptiFlex® server available in physical server and virtual server platforms (VMware ready)

Easy and Efficient

  • OptiFlex software readily identifies barcodes created from multiple healthcare industry standards and reads non-standard barcodes

  • Eliminates need for charge stickers or "tick sheets"

  • iOS mobile app for iPad Mini or iPod Touch adds convenience with cross-referencing and two-bin Kanban ordering

  • Centralized OptiFlex server/inventory control module incorporates real-time reorder points, par levels, and critical level alerts

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"Omnicell's inventory management solutions help ensure that critical supplies are at the clinician's fingertips when needed. The patient remains the focus of the provider, not missing inventory."

Vance Moore, President and CEO, ROi/Sisters of Mercy View More