Omnicell Controlled Substance Dispenser

Spend Time Caring, Not Counting

Tedious narcotic counts at the automated dispensing cabinet keep nurses away from more important tasks. Omnicell offers the leading fully automated unit dose dispensing system, which eliminates the need for countbacks and the time it takes to resolve discrepancies.

The Controlled Substance Dispenser stores medications in a secured area in the automated dispensing cabinet and dispenses each dose into a special drawer where nurses can easily access it.

  • Simple and fast controlled substance workflow saves hours of nursing time each day

  • Saves pharmacy time spent resolving discrepancies

  • Discourages diversion and increases security of controlled substances

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  • Increases control and security of controlled substances, high-risk, and high-value medications

  • Discourages diversion—nurses have access to only the selected dose

  • Improves nurse and pharmacy efficiency by eliminating nursing countbacks and discrepancy resolution

  • Supports compliance with Joint Commission, FDA, and other regulatory standards

  • Can be configured into a variety of Omnicell® cabinet sizes 

  • Accommodates a variety of dosage forms: oral solids, vials, syringes

  • High volume in minimal cabinet footprint: holds more than 1,100 individual doses

  • Automatically rotates inventory on a first-in, first-out basis

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"If a nurse needs one dose of morphine, she gets one dose only....We'll no longer need nurses to count controlled substances at the end of their shifts."

Dave Hicks, RPh, MBA, Vice President and Chief Pharmacy Officer, University of Chicago Medical Center View More