FlexLock Refrigerator Lock and Temperature Monitor

Meet CDC Guidelines for Storing Refrigerated Medications

The Omnicell ® XT FlexLock is a medical refrigerator lock and temperature monitoring system that complies with the latest CDC guidelines on storing refrigerated vaccines including accurate calibration within ±0.5°C. 1 In fact, it's the only pharmacy refrigerator temperature monitoring system integrated with automated dispensing cabinets that meets all CDC guidelines for storing refrigerated vaccines.

  • Offset feature automatically adjusts temperature measurement based on calibration result-no need for manual calculations

  • Reports provide compliance documentation, including temperature readings to the decimal level

  • Highly accurate temperature sensor and calibration methods assure stability of stored items

Wireless Option Adds Flexibility

Advanced electronics in the Omnicell XT Automated Dispensing Cabinet enables the flexibility of wireless connection to FlexLock.

  • Untether your workflow freedom to locate refrigerators where it makes sense for clinicians and facility layout

  • Advanced Bluetooth ® peer-to-peer technology ensures security and performance

1CDC Vaccine Storage and Handling - Recommendations and Guidelines

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  • Reduces waste caused by improperly stored medications/vaccines

  • Secures items requiring refrigeration

  • Simplifies temperature management

  • Provides appropriate documentation for regulatory compliance

  • Liquid temperature sensor provides more stable readings—less affected by temperature fluctuations caused by opening the refrigerator door

  • Accuracy of temperature probe is ±0.25°C*—well within CDC guidelines of ±0.5°C

  • Temperature report records temperatures to one tenth of a degree

  • Choice of ice point calibration method (recommended by NIST) or traceability method

  • Built-in calibration documentation and alerts through dispensing system

  • Offset feature automatically adjusts temperature measurement based on calibration result—offset values displayed on the cabinet and in reports

  • Compatible with Omnicell XT medication and supply dispensing cabinets, XT Controlled Substance Manager, and OptiFlex™ point-of-use supply systems.**

Wireless option:

  • Secure Bluetooth® peer-to-peer technology

  • Flexibility to position FlexLock up to 50 feet from the cabinet

  • Each XT cabinet supports up to two wireless FlexLock devices and one wireless External Return Bin

*With OmniCenter software version 20.0
**Calibration documentation and reporting capabilities are limited with Controlled Substance Manager and OptiFlex