Increase Efficiency and Accuracy in the Pharmacy

Omnicell’s MedCarousel vertical storage and dispensing system automates the medication management process, from order fulfillment to automated cabinet replenishment, to patient medication dispensing to restocking. It is an ideal component of the medication distribution process for any hospital or health system pharmacy.

Workflow enabled by the MedCarousel simplifies medication selection for cabinet restocking, first doses, and cartfill. The carousel stores many drug forms, such as bulk bottles, unit-dose solids, liquids, IVs, and odd-form medications. 

MedCarousel is ideal for use in multihospital system environments, particularly in consolidated medication distribution locations.

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  • Maximizes floor space and storage capacity

  • Improves technician efficiency

  • Provides better security of medications

  • Pick-to-light technology guides user during carousel operations

  • Ergonomically designed with automatic carousel positioning to reduce operator repetitive motion injuries

  • Safety system with light curtain improves operator safety

  • Automatic chain tensioner reduces carousel downtime caused by shifting items