i.v.STATION Non-hazardous Compounding Robot

  • Omnicell is KLAS Category Leader for IV ROBOTS

Reduce the Risks and Costs Associated with IV Compounding

Sterile IV compounding is considered one of the highest risk areas of pharmacy practiceissues with sterility and dose accuracy can seriously impact patient safety. The Omnicell i.v.STATION™ Non-hazardous Compounding Robot supports safer, more accurate, more cost effective, and more compliant compounding.

By preparing ready-to-administer non-hazardous admixtures completely hands-free, this advanced technology provides a consistent, automated process that's more accurate than manual compounding and more economical than outsourcing sterile IV compounding.

  • Smallest available footprint enables easy integration into your facility

  • Gravimetric controls provide exceptional accuracy

  • In-process barcode scanning and image recognition verify correct ingredients

  • Decreased reliance on outsourcing and premixed IVs reduces pharmacy expenses

As the global leader in IV automation, Omnicell surrounds our advanced systems with novel data services, applications support, and clinical expertise to help you gain the most benefit from the technology.

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  • Enhances patient safety through full automation of the IV compounding process

  • Reduces costs by decreasing reliance on outsourcing and premixed IVs

  • Improves efficiency and optimizes pharmacist's time with streamlined remote verification of admixtures

  • Supports compliance with stringent regulations for sterile IV compounding

KLAS award for IV Robotics

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Safer, More Flexible Solution

  • Gravimetric controls provide high level of accuracy needed for critical patient-specific preparations

  • Barcode scanning and image recognition verify correct ingredients for admixture

  • Automated final product labeling reduces occurrence of error

  • Tamper-evident syringe caps ensure product integrity

  • Robotic technology and ISO Class 5 environment promote sterility and support extended beyond-use dating

  • Streamlined remote verification optimizes pharmacist's time

  • Can be combined with i.v.STATION ONCO™ Hazardous Compounding Robot and IVX Workflow to facilitate IV compounding throughout the healthcare system

Compact Technology

  • Smallest available footprint compared with other IV automation

  • No cleanroom requirement and small size allow deployment of multiple units in a variety of settings

Affordable Automation

  • Lowest-priced IV robot on the market puts technology well within reach

  • Multiple buying options, including our Robotic IV Insourcing Solution (RIIS™) service, provide purchasing flexibility

  • Compatibility with a wide array of off-the-shelf consumables makes integration simple

Supportive Services

  • Formulary Tool Kit – Provides low cost access to cGMP stability and specific gravity data to enable extended beyond-use dates

One option for deploying the i.v.STATION compounding robot is Omnicell's Robotic IV Insourcing Solution (RIIS). With RIIS, the technology, tools, and technicians are all provided as part of a simple monthly fee, so there's no up-front capital expense. In many cases, this can be done at a fraction of your current outsourcing spend.

The i.v.STATION is provided along with expertly trained pharmacy technician staff to manage the robotic technology and extended beyond-use date (BUD) program. In addition, Omnicell offers novel data services and application support to enable best practices and drive ROI.

Weight: 660 kg

Device size (WxDxH): 1.00 m x 1.13 m x 2.31 m

Size including recommended clearance (WxDxH)*: 2.50 m x 2.90 m x 2.56 m

*Different clearances can be evaluated after on-site inspection.

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"IV robotics will help us streamline our compounding processes, allowing us to redirect financial and clinical time savings to activities that support clinical care."

Michael Campbell, PharmD, MBA, Director of Pharmacy, Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center View More