Medication Adherence for Healthcare Providers

Medication adherence is one of the biggest healthcare challenges in the U.S. today, with $300 billion in healthcare costs attributed to medication non-adherence.1 Omnicell provides a number of solutions to empower retail and outpatient pharmacies tackle this issue, which can help prevent hospital readmissions and related penalties. 

1 Interventions to improve adherence to self-administered medications for chronic diseases in the United States: a systematic review. Annals of Internal Medicine. 2012;157(11):785-795.

Medication Blister Cards

Omnicell has a wide range of medication packaging and packaging supplies that enable healthcare providers to improve medication adherence in a variety of settings. We offer various multimed and single dose blister cards as well as software to streamline workflow and increase packing accuracy.

Multimed Blister Card Automation

Omnicell provides automated solutions to help to free up staff and reduce operating expenses related to medication adherence packaging. Our automation packages medications accurately and efficiently, and incorporates inline vision systems.

Patient Communications

To enable hospitals and pharmacies to easily contact patients, improve medication adherence, drive patient engagement, and deliver enhanced patient care, Omnicell provides tools to coordinate automated inbound and outbound messages to patients.

Patient Engagement

The Omnicell Patient Engagement platform provides the pharmacy with a holistic view of patients, not only by organizing prescriptions, but by identifying, preparing, and documenting ongoing patient engagement that drives revenue and promotes medication adherence. Retail pharmacies can help hospitals manage patients through a single, web-based platform that hosts all functionality to guide and track patient notes, interventions, and appointments.

Single Dose Blister Card Automation

Omnicell Single Dose Blister Card Automation reduces inventory and increases cash flow using robotic technology to accurately and efficiently fill single-dose blister packaging.