Central Pharmacy Automation for Hospitals & Health Systems

An efficient central pharmacy operation is vital to delivering exceptional patient care. Our industry-leading medication management platform offers a range of automated hardware and software solutions to help you achieve operational, financial, and clinical success. Automating manual, error-prone processes elevates your pharmacy to focus on clinically meaningful work—a key tenet of the Autonomous Pharmacy. In addition to learning about the central pharmacy automation products highlighted below, we encourage you to see our IV Compounding and Analytics & Pharmacy Performance Services offerings.

Automated Storage and Retrieval

Reducing the amount of time pharmacists and technicians have to spend picking and stocking medications is at the heart of our central pharmacy automation storage and retrieval systems. Our solutions include a revolutionary robotic system along with carousel and barcode packaging technology to enable a more fully automated pharmacy. These systems give you more time for clinically focused tasks while optimizing the medication storage footprint in your pharmacy.

Controlled Substance Management

Drug diversion is among the most difficult challenges that hospitals face today. Omnicell’s controlled substance management system helps hospitals extend accountability from the time controlled substances are received into the pharmacy, to when they are dispensed to patients, and returned back to the pharmacy. This central pharmacy automation technology gives you greater peace of mind about the security of controlled substances in your facility.

Inventory Management Software

Regardless of size, every hospital pharmacy needs insight into their medication inventory and usage. Omnicell’s central pharmacy inventory management software solutions help automate the inventory ordering, receiving, stocking, picking, and verification processes. Whether you’re from a single hospital or multihospital IDN, you’ll have the pharmacy automation tools you need to run a leaner inventory without compromising patient care.