Medication Adherence

At Omnicell, we are transforming medication adherence. Our innovative suite of scalable solutions is designed to improve patient engagement, medication compliance and workflow efficiency, resulting in better outcomes and reduced healthcare costs. 

We leverage software solutions, medication adherence packaging and hardware automation to drive pharmacy business growth and address evolving challenges of adherence and compliance—leading to a better patient medication experience.

Medication Blister Cards

Whether you are looking to create packing efficiencies, simplify medication administration, improve patient outcomes, or differentiate your pharmacy, Omnicell has a wide range of medication blister cards to enhance medication adherence in a variety of care settings. From single-dose (also called unit dose) packaging to multimed blister cards, Omnicell offers pharmacies of all sizes a full suite of scalable packaging and fulfillment solutions.

Multimed Blister Card Automation

Omnicell provides automated solutions to check, fill, and seal multimed blister cards, freeing up staff and reducing operating expenses. Our automation incorporates inline vision systems and packages medications accurately and efficiently.

Printing and Labeling

The right labeling equipment, labels, and printing supplies enable pharmacies to provide a quality, compliant product while keeping costs low. Omnicell can help you determine the printing and labeling system that is right for your pharmacy. 

Omnicell offers high-quality printing and labeling supplies—including stock and custom labels, foil lidding, and printer ribbons—to meet the needs of long-term care, institutional, and community pharmacies.

Sealers and Pre-pack Equipment

Omnicell offers a complete equipment product line specifically designed for the institutional pharmacy that includes sealing, filling, and labeling solutions for any size pharmacy operation.

We will work with your pharmacy to determine which type of packaging equipment is right for you and provides the best return on investment. Omnicell can also make recommendations for improving workflow.

Single Dose Blister Card Automation

Reduce medication inventory and improve cash flow with Omnicell’s single dose blister card automation. Omnicell automation allows a pharmacy to maintain accuracy levels while bringing on new business without the need to hire and train new staff. 

Omnicell is continually developing new automation solutions to aid pharmacies in increasing throughput while improving accuracy and controls in a very cost-conscious pharmacy industry.