Our Values

Inspired by Care

When his daughter was hospitalized at birth, Randall Lipps observed how inefficiently medical supplies were managed. He saw that this prevented nurses from spending more time directly caring for patients. Randall founded Omnicell, Inc. in 1992 on the premise that better management of supplies and medications would improve a hospital’s standard of care.

This inspiration formed our vision of improving healthcare for everyone. As we carry out our mission to change the practice of healthcare, we are guided by a set of core values, which are reflected in part through our social responsibility and environmental sustainability initiatives.

Customer Intimacy

While our customers choose us for our technology, it is the personal relationships we develop with them that keeps Omnicell as their partner of choice. Our customer intimacy engenders trust, collaboration, loyalty, and retention.


We continually produce breakthrough solutions that address our customers’ needs. The continuous flow of new ideas and a swift response to an evolving marketplace will continue to drive our growth and support healthcare success in the future.


At Omnicell, our different backgrounds, education, culture, and experience all contribute to the advancement of the company. We respect each other so that we can reach our full potential, both as individuals and as a team.


We hold truthfulness and trust as essential business fundamentals. It’s evident in how we engage with customers and embrace in how we work together as a team. It’s built into every product and solution we sell.