Environmental Sustainability

We Are Committed to Environmental Stewardship

As an industry leader, Omnicell takes environmental sustainability seriously. We work to ensure that our products and facilities are in compliance with regulations related to power consumption, clean air, waste, and other environmental factors. 

But we don’t stop at just meeting regulations—our goal is to go above and beyond. Omnicell has implemented specific policies to reduce, reuse, recycle, and reclaim materials. We continually seek to reduce our impact on the environment by examining how we design and package our products as well as how we operate our facilities.

Omnicell Environmental Policy

Omnicell is committed to continually reduce our environmental footprint and comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements. Our environmental policy encompasses the following goals:

  • Ensure our products, services, and business operations comply with all local, State, and Federal environmental regulations wherever we operate.
  • Operate with a commitment to continuous improvement in environmental sustainability through reducing, recycling, reusing, energy savings, conservation of resources, prevention of pollution, development of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly products, and promotion of environmental responsibility among our employees.
  • Responsibly manage the use of any hazardous materials in our manufacturing operations, products, and services.
  • Inform our suppliers and contractors of our environmental expectations and request that they adopt environmental management practices aligned with these expectations.
  • Maintain and continually improve our environmental management system, and where possible, conform to more stringent requirements as dictated by specific markets or customer needs.

In addition to improving the energy efficiency of our manufacturing processes, our engineers have been diligent in designing products that are more energy efficient, less costly, and more environmentally friendly.

Lower Wattage Products

Our XT Automated Dispensing Cabinets use a lower wattage power supply than earlier products, which increases the efficiency rating and uses less energy.

Power Management Features

Our engineers are continuously developing power management features in our products, such as automatic wake-from-standby mode. We are working with the EPA and other agencies to qualify our products for an Energy Star rating.

Energy-Efficient Workplace

Omnicell is improving the energy efficiency of our workplace. Our new headquarters building was built to LEED Gold certification standards and includes a 151-kilowatt solar panel array on the parking lot. The interior finishes are environmentally friendly and were sourced locally where possible.

Our goal is to design products with minimal or no hazardous chemicals or heavy metals. We have made extra effort to lower greenhouse gas emissions caused by certain materials.

  • Omnicell products are mercury-free and latex-free.
  • All Omnicell products are in compliance with RoHS standards, which restrict the use of hazardous materials to no more than 3% of product composition by weight.
  • We restrict our suppliers from using lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, and brominated flame retardants (BFRs). No hazardous chemicals are used in the assembly of our products.

Omnicell has a dedicated team committed to reducing the amount of materials used in our products themselves and in the packaging used to ship them.  Omnicell has accessible waste recycling containers throughout our facilities and encourages the recycling of office paper and other recyclable products, including electronics and batteries used in the workplace.

Product Lifecycle Management

Our goal is to complete the product lifecycle, from sourcing of materials to planning reverse logistics, including identifying ways to recycle end-of-life products. Omnicell products currently contain an average of 10% recycled content with 30% recycled packaging.

Waste Recycling

Omnicell makes every effort to keep materials out of landfills. We recycle waste material from our manufacturing operations as follows:

  • 100% of all scrap metal is recycled.
  • 100% of all cardboard is recycled or reused.
  • All electronics, screens, hard drives, and cables are disposed using certified e-waste recyclers. 

Reducing Shipping Waste

We have adopted more eco-friendly packaging options for products and materials we ship out. Omnicell has reduced and in some cases eliminated the use of pallets or skids for shipping our products to customers. We also recycle these items when they are used to ship materials to us.

Office Recycling Program

We are continually working to improve our office waste management by reducing, reusing, or recycling all of our office-generated waste. All Omnicell locations participate in an office waste recycling program where waste paper, bottles, cans, batteries, and e-waste are all recycled.

Saving Paper

Our document management system encourages electronic rather than physical distribution of content. Omnicell product manuals are provided electronically to save paper.

Omnicell is working to minimize the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are used in many adhesives, paints, and sealants, in an effort to reduce ozone layer depletion.

Omnicell uses safe processes such as powder coating to protect bare metal surfaces. Powder coating is less harmful to the environment compared with liquid finishes that contain solvents and VOCs.

We are also identifying packaging options that contain no VOCs or other ozone-depleting substances.

Omnicell encourages our employees to reduce traffic through various initiatives and programs.

  • Omnicell promotes the use of mass transportation through subsidizing the purchase of monthly mass transit passes for our employees.
  • We participate in Bike to Work days, trash pickup days, and related programs.
  • We actively support telecommuting/work-from-home days and flexible work hours.