Improve inventory control and reduce errors

Our Central Pharmacy Dispensing Service is a turnkey, full service central pharmacy automation solution to improve inventory control, compliance, safety and efficiency.

Optimize performance and improve care

Automation is essential to improving patient and business outcomes in a modern hospital pharmacy. However, the daunting adoption process can deter pharmacies from taking medication management to the next level.

Our Central Pharmacy Dispensing Service changes that. This partnership with Omnicell offers not only the groundbreaking XR2 robotic system itself, but also operational staff, maintenance, and optimization support services.

"I sit there sometimes and watch that thing pick, and I am amazed at what it does and how it does it. I’ve been a pharmacist for over 30 years. To see how far we’ve come is incredible."

Betsy Early, Director of Pharmacy, Sentara RMH Medical Center

"Rather than focusing on medication inventory work in the pharmacy, our staff can get out on the floor to interact with nurses, physicians, and patients from the point of admission to discharge, which will help lead to improved patient outcomes."

Glenn Huth, RPh, Director of Pharmacy Operations, Summa Health

A revolutionary robotic system built for scale, accuracy, and performance

The XR2 system was designed with input from leading health system pharmacies and is engineered to safely and efficiently automate critical workflows. The unique storage design streamlines any medication distribution model. High volume sites can combine multiple XR2 systems to create an enterprise-level autonomous central pharmacy.

Meet demand with maximum uptime and flexibility

The XR2 has remote monitoring capabilities that allow for diagnostic and predictive maintenance analytics. Year-round on-site preventive and remedial maintenance, including parts and labor, is included with the system. You can rely on the XR2 to be the core of your central pharmacy.

  • Remote monitoring, diagnostics, and predictive analytics capabilities
  • On-site preventive and remedial maintenance
  • 24x7x365 Technical Assistance Center support
  • Ongoing software updates, including bug fixes and security patches
  • Maintain optimal tray configuration with flexible tray replacements

Free up hospital staff with on-site, expert support

Getting your staff trained and ready to safely and efficiently operate new technology can be a lengthy process that delays time-to-value.

Omnicell helps relieve this burden by including an on-site pharmacy technician who acts as an operator, instructor, inspector, and liaison for your XR2 system.

  • Disseminates best practices to pharmacy staff
  • Helps manage XR2 inventory and prepares new and returned medications for stocking
  • Helps to track and manage expiration dates, max, and par levels
  • Performs daily and periodic XR2 inspections
  • Helps troubleshoot system issues and track resolution with Technical Assistance Center

Accelerate performance with optimization services

Realizing the full potential of complex automation requires close analysis of the powerful data produced by the system. Uncovering insights from this data is key to driving pharmacy efficiency and safety. As part of our solution, Omnicell experts help customers evaluate XR2 performance and suggest actions to improve performance.

  • Evaluate dynamic inventory methodology relative to actual usage, including fill rates and efficiency trend reports.
  • Assess storage tray utilization and incidence of high volume medications not assigned to XR2.
  • Get recommendations to minimize waste through analysis of expired meds.
  • Identify process improvement opportunities, including a review of wholesaler reordering activities evaluations of workflows.

Why adopt technology as a service?

When tasked with upgrading and implementing new technologies, pharmacy leadership often face challenges such as:

  • How do I best integrate automation into my daily operations?
  • How much downtime will I face as a result of implementation?
  • Who will operate the system once it’s running and how do I deal with staff turnover?

Our XR2 Central Pharmacy Dispensing Service offers a solution to these dilemmas. Not only do we deliver best-in-class central pharmacy automation, but we offer it as a complete service package. Adopting advanced robotic technology to improve central pharmacy outcomes has never been easier or faster.