Advance towards a zero-touch, zero-error central pharmacy

Performance-driven central pharmacy automated medication dispensing solutions that improve safety, workflow, and inventory optimization.

Central pharmacy is the hub of care that patients and providers depend on. Roadblocks that surface there can influence all other areas of a healthcare system. Manual and disjointed processes get in the way of workflow efficiency—and safety. Not knowing the complete picture of medication inventory creates low accountability and a higher chance of errors, waste, and uncontrolled costs.

Transform your pharmacy to focus on clinically meaningful work

It starts with Omnicell robotic solutions that automate everything such as medication dispensing, sorting, packaging, and retrieval. This technology unites with an embedded layer of intelligence to deliver crucial, real-time pharmacy optimization and insights. Together, these tools and technology will free up clinicians for more patient-focused activities while transforming your central pharmacy into the smart, efficient, and accurate hub of care you need it to be.

A revolution in central pharmacy medication management

Omnicell’s Central Pharmacy Dispensing Service is the cornerstone of the journey to a fully autonomous central pharmacy. It introduces groundbreaking technology—the Omnicell XR2 system—that automates medication management to help eliminate errors during medication dispensing and improve inventory control. With fewer touch points needed, the XR2 system frees up the pharmacy for more clinically focused initiatives.

The XR2 supports both cartless and cartfill distribution strategies through unit dose and multidose dispensing capabilities. Complemented by Omnicell carousels and packagers, which can store medications and produce unit doses for XR2, the system helps you achieve a complete, seamless, uninterrupted refill process in your central pharmacy.

image of pharmacy dispenser

The Central Pharmacy Dispensing Service is a turnkey solution supported by expert services and software that optimize your entire medication management process.

Streamlined, automated storage and retrieval

Reducing the amount of time pharmacists and technicians have to spend picking and stocking medications is a key aim of our central pharmacy automation storage and retrieval systems.

Omnicell’s pharmacy carousel and medication packager—including our medication packaging service—help streamline the medication ordering process while assuring patient safety, workflow efficiency and improved inventory control.

Inventory visibility for accountability, control, and better care

Regardless of size, every hospital pharmacy needs insight into their medication inventory and usage. Omnicell’s central pharmacy inventory management software solutions help automate the ordering, receiving, stocking, picking, and verification processes. Whether you’re from a single hospital or multihospital IDN, you’ll have intelligent tools to run a leaner inventory without compromising patient care.

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Better control over controlled substances

Drug diversion is among the most difficult challenges that hospitals face today. Omnicell’s controlled substance management system for central pharmacy helps hospitals extend accountability from the time controlled substances are received, to when they are dispensed to patients, and returned back to the pharmacy. This automation gives you greater peace of mind about the security of controlled substances in your facility.

Discover how you can close gaps and better track controlled substances between the pharmacy and patient care units.

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Address the challenges of managing controlled substance inventory and complying with regulatory standards while increasing efficiency.

Protect patient safety and reduce hospital liability by providing full accountability of drug movement from wholesalers, to the pharmacy and patient care areas, and back to the pharmacy.

Omnicell robotic dispensing systems for original pack medications help retail and hospital pharmacies streamline the medication ordering process while assuring patient safety, workflow efficiency, and improved inventory control. These modular and customizable systems also help address pressures to reduce costs.