Siemens Controlled Substance Accountability

Image of Omnicell Analytics
Image of Omnicell Analytics

Streamline Controlled Substance Dose Monitoring for Siemens Users

How do you figure out if all the controlled substances removed from the automated dispensing cabinet were actually administered to patients or were wasted? Determining this information often requires tedious analysis of data from multiple reports.

With our Closed-Loop Dose Accountability solution for Siemens users, there is a much easier way. By linking data about medications issued from the Omnicell automated dispensing cabinet with medication administration records in the Med Administration Check™ system, pharmacies can easily identify variances between medications dispensed from the cabinet versus medications documented as administered and/or wasted.


  • Automatically compares medications dispensed and/or wasted from the Omnicell cabinet versus those documented as administered in the Med Administration Check™ system
  • Issue vs. Administration report tracks medications issued and administered, along with wastes and returns
  • End of shift report identifies outstanding waste for nursing, freeing up nurses for patient care


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