Medimat Robotic Medication Pack Dispensing System

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Versatile Automation Improves Pharmacy Operations

The Medimat is the core piece in our modular robotic dispensing system for retail and hospital pharmacies using original pack medications. Medimat serves as a storage warehouse and dispensing unit, and includes a semi-automated filling system.

  • Chaotic filling system optimizes use of space
  • Quick and simple inventory replenishment
  • Simultaneous loading and dispensing
  • Design flexibility—choose length and height that meets your needs
  • Modular system for a customized solution

Unique Fill-in-Door Saves Staff Time

With our unique Fill-in-Door, instead of having to manually scan each individual medication pack and place it on a conveyor belt, pharmacy staff can simply place items anywhere on the shelf regardless of barcode position or package size. The rest of the process is automated and handles 100 packs in 3 minutes.

The Fill-in-Box can be added to the Medimat for a completely automated replenishment process.  

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Benefits of Robotic Medication Pack Dispensing

  • Reduce time spent searching for medications, freeing up time to interact with patients
  • Improve patient safety by reducing dispensing errors
  • Improve inventory control and savings
  • Increase dispensary output 24/7
  • Optimize use of space in the pharmacy
  • Reduce patient waiting time
  • Create a less hectic, more organized dispensing environment