Omnicell Supply Management System

Image of a supply management system
Image of a supply management system

Improve the Way You Manage Medical Supply Inventory

Materials managers are under growing pressure to lower costs without sacrificing quality of care. The Omnicell Supply Management System is a flexible system that helps you achieve this goal. This inventory management system works with Omnicell XT Automated Dispensing Cabinets, which come in a variety of sizes and can be customized with various accessories.

  • Inventory and supply usage are recorded, by patient, making charge capture consistent and accurate
  • Better medical supply inventory control helps ensure supplies are available when and where needed for patient care

The Omnicell Supply Management System helps improve medical supply management so clinicians have quick, convenient access to supplies, and you'll have tighter control over inventory along with extensive reporting tools.

"Greater Baltimore Medical Center has been able to increase their charge capture by 45% over the last 4 years while aiming to achieve close to 97% compliance on Omnicell cabinets."

Laurie Desantis, Materials Services Information Systems Analyst, Greater Baltimore Medical Center


Advanced Technology

  • Fingerprint bioID system provides fast yet secure access
  • Verbal confirmation for logon, expired products, and latex warnings
  • 2-D bar code scanner captures all item attributes and supports GS1 and HIBC standards for data parsing
  • Omnicell Cloud Connect allows Omnicell cabinet stations to be managed outside of the hospital wide area network (WAN), including those residing in different time zones
  • OmniCenter® server, available in physical and virtual platforms, provides seven-year data storage capability
  • Part of the Omnicell enterprise platform that allows supply, medication, and controlled substance dispensing systems to be managed from a single database

Flexible Configurations


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