Medical Professional Reviewing Documents
Medical Professional Reviewing Documents

Intelligence Capabilities to Improve Hospital Pharmacy Performance

Automated dispensing cabinets and other automation generate vast amounts of pharmacy data. What if this data could be captured and more easily presented in ways that help dramatically improve pharmacy operations?

As our premium cloud-based intelligence solution, that’s what Omnicell One™ delivers to support your journey toward an Autonomous Pharmacy. Omnicell One pharmacy analytics software collects data from all OmniCenter®-based automation, including XT Automated Dispensing Cabinets, providing:

  • Visibility – Get a fuller picture of medication inventory across locations and potential drug diversion
  • Insights – Receive recommended optimization changes to improve pharmacy operations
  • Workflow – Workflow tools drive specific actions that lead to results

With Omnicell One, pharmacy data is transferred into a user-friendly dashboard with at-a-glance views of key medication metrics and trends. You can simply click to drill down to more detailed, actionable information. Omnicell One leverages predictive and prescriptive hospital pharmacy analytics through a cloud data platform that consolidates information across the medication management process, providing greater visibility for inventory management.

Included with Omnicell One is access to our team of data scientists and clinical strategists who collaborate with you to develop ongoing performance improvement strategies focused on reducing excess inventory and expiration waste. Their guidance on identifying cost savings opportunities includes:

  • Establishing par efficiency on dead stock
  • Identifying stocked over max
  • Reducing stockouts

Advanced Drug Diversion Monitoring Software

Drug diversion puts the institution and patient care at risk, making diversion monitoring vitally important. But without drug diversion software, clinical staff can spend hours a day sifting through medication automation reports to spot suspicious activity.

Omnicell One's drug diversion platform leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to help you get a better handle on diversion risk and identify suspicious behavior patterns.

"The buyers are seeing the financial, clinical, and operational impact of using data to make inventory management decisions. They’ve become passionate about it in ways I don’t think we would have been able to achieve otherwise."

Katie Tahir, Pharmacy Compliance Analyst, Baptist Health Alabama

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Drug Diversion Software

Omnicell One's cloud-based drug diversion software provides comprehensive audit coverage of all controlled substances shipped to, received, and stocked by the pharmacy, and distributed in nursing, OR, and perioperative environments.

  • Distills problem areas and individuals into a focused action list of Individual Risk Identification Scores (IRIS)
    • Specific, actionable recommendations allow you to swiftly address anomalous behavior and documentation patterns
  • Visibility into 100% of electronic controlled substances transactions
  • Analyzes behavior patterns within peer groups—including time lags, movement, wasting relationships, and more
  • Data analytics dashboards track down to the transactional level—patient, provider, location, medication, event type
  • Collects data from the Omnicell Anesthesia Workstation so you can view analytics for the OR and procedural areas where there is greater opportunity for diversion

Medication Inventory Management

  • Aggregates medication and supply data from other Omnicell automation systems, providing facility-wide visibility of usage and inventory—in central pharmacy, operating rooms, and nursing units—to improve medication supply chain decisions
  • Scorecards track Medication Visibility, Pharmacy Metrics, Savings, and Purchasing, enabling pharmacy leaders to evaluate and improve operations
  • Benchmarking enables health systems to compare their performance on overrides against other similar health systems
  • 100% closed-loop medication dose reconciliation of all controlled substances

Workflow Example: Optimizing Cabinet Inventory

Recommendations to optimize inventory and reduce expired medications in Omnicell® XT Automated Dispensing Cabinets:

  • Pharmacy administrator views opportunities indicated by Omnicell One and chooses ones to act on
  • For par level changes, min and max settings are applied to the XT cabinet electronically
  • For soon-to-expire medications, the location to move the medication to is identified
  • Workflow software enables specific tasks, such as medication removal, to be assigned to or selected by pharmacy technicians and tracked through completion
  • A scorecard automatically captures and updates the savings achieved


Omnicell is dedicated to providing maximum up-time and comprehensive product support. Please visit our Product Support page to learn more.

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