Omnicell M5000 Multimed Pharmacy Automation System

Image of the M5000 machine.
Image of the M5000 machine.

First Pharmacy Automation System to Fully Automate Fulfillment of Multimed Blister Cards

If your pharmacy is looking for full automation of SureMed® by Omnicell® Multimed Adherence Packaging, the Omnicell® M5000 is the answer. It is capable of producing 40+ filled, sealed, labeled, and audited cards per hour. This fully automated pharmacy solution is able to complete one hour of unattended production, freeing staff to perform other activities.

The Omnicell M5000 can accommodate an extensive formulary with the ability to store 300 different medications on the machine. The integrated vision systems and easy-to-use software design fully audits medications, allowing your pharmacy to apply for a pharmacist verification exemption.


  • Integrated vision system identifies pills by size and shape, guaranteeing the right pill is picked every time
  • Accommodates an extensive formulary with the ability to store 300 different medications on the machine
  • Medication cassette design eliminates the need for NDC-specific calibrated cassettes, saving time
  • Infrared sensors verify the pill entered and remained in the correct blister
  • Only pharmacist-verified cassettes can be loaded onto the packager-unverified cassettes are rejected


Product Details

  • Height - 101″ (8.42′)
  • Width - 94″ (7.83′)
  • Depth - 141″ (11.75′)
  • Total space required, including clearance space for service - 156″ x 192″ (13′ X 16′)
  • System Weight - 6,000 lbs

Network Requirements

The M5000 supports network connection between the machine and the facility LAN for data transmission. To ensure the machine will interface properly with your network, the site will require:

  • 4 network drops (CAT5):
  • 1 for M5000
  • 1 for Workstation
  • 1 for Server
  • 1 for Manual Pack Printer

Air Requirements

  • 5 CFM at 100 PSI with a minimum supply of 60 gallons and an air filter/dryer system to supply dry air
  • Must supply clean and oil-free air

Electrical Requirements

Omnicell requires the facility to provide electrical service to Omnicell equipment specifications. The facility is responsible for all electrical and cabling costs.

  • 208/230 VAC
  • 50-amp, single-phase power with UPS
  • Disconnect box mounted within visual site and proximity to the M5000


Once unloaded, the M5000 and components will require a pathway 96″ wide by 101″ high to move the M5000 to its location. If needed, components can be broken down further to fit smaller pathways.


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