Medication Packager
Medication Packager

Streamline Your Pharmacy Operations with the Omnicell Medication Packager

The medication packaging process in a pharmacy can be inefficient and susceptible to errors. Unfortunately, the cost of buying all prepacked medication can be too expensive for many hospitals to manage.

The Omnicell® Medication Packager enables pharmacies to more efficiently package medications and reduce the possibility of medication errors during the process. This gives your healthcare facility the freedom to buy bulk medications to help manage costs.

Individual and customizable barcode labeling of each medication packaged allows the repackaged meds to be scanned and documented from the pharmacy to the patient bedside.

"Pharmacy operations were streamlined by 25% to 50% and efficiency based on user-defined IOR [Intelligent Order Routing] scheduled rules increased by 50% to 75%."

David Grant, RPh, MBA, VP of Pharmacy and Clinical Process Improvement, Chambersburg Hospital


  • Automated Canister Recognition System (ACRS) improves safety and accuracy
  • Special Tray System (STS) allows preloading of infrequently used medications into a universal tray for in-line packaging with other canister medications
  • Customizable label designer to support unique hospital operations and needs


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