IVX Cloud


The Intelligent Platform to Transform Sterile Compounding

IVX Cloud is an on-premise installation of pharmacy cloud-based software designed to scale across your hospital or health system. The simple web-based interface provides access to Omnicell’s cloud-based formulary, supports the design and customization of workflows and formulations, drives order routing and workflow management, and enables access to robust compounding dashboards and analytics.

As part of our IV compounding workflow software, IVX Cloud integrates with Simplifi 797®, providing hospital pharmacies with a comprehensive solution to address safety, quality, and compliance across compounding operations.





  • Manage IV orders from your work queue through pharmacist verification


  • Access Omnicell’s cloud-based library or add drugs to your local formulary


  • Design flexible workflows and recipes to meet your compounding needs


  • Manage IV compounding devices connected to IVX Cloud

Simplifi 797

  • Access to market leading USP <797> compliance software suite

IVX Analytics

  • Discover data-driven insights into your IV workflow operations


  • Manage credentials and access for IVX users


  • Manage configurations and settings for your IV operation


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