IVX Station Compounding Robot

Introducing IVX Station: A New Era in IV Compounding

IV compounding robot can reduce human error, but adoption has been limited due to throughput and reliability concerns.

Omnicell’s IVX Station, offered through our IV Compounding Service, changes all that. Our completely reimagined, fully automated IV compounding robot addresses industry issues head on, while delivering patient safety, accuracy, cost savings, supply chain control, and compliance benefits.

Innovative Design Delivers 3x the Throughput 1 and Enhanced Reliability

  • Faster next-generation robot arm and parallel processing
  • Precision-machined “superstructure” design eliminates repeated recalibration – the leading cause of IV robot downtime
  • New, simplified software design further boosts uptime

Powerful Technology in a Small Footprint

  • Barcode scanning, advanced optical recognition, gravimetric verification, and auto-labeling support safe, accurate compounding of IV syringes and bags in an ISO Class 5 environment
  • Footprint is comparable to that of a four-foot hood, making it easy to fit in existing pharmacy cleanrooms

Complete Service for Delivering Outcomes

IVX Station is the cornerstone of our IV Compounding Service, which combines the groundbreaking IV robot with analytics tools and on-site operational assistance. Through a monthly subscription you’ll have access to:

  • Professional Services expertise for realizing faster time-to-value
  • Resident robotic expert to operate IVX Station, freeing existing staff for other duties
  • Customer Success Services for ongoing optimization

Health systems are averaging 70 percent greater CSP production with this service model. 2

1 Throughput varies depending on protocol.
2 Compared with capital purchase operated by health system; internal analysis –data on file.

"We believe Omnicell’s IVX Station will be a catalyst for driving operational and patient safety priorities, ultimately helping us advance technology-driven pharmacy operations."

David Webster, RPh, MSBA, Director of Acute Care Pharmacy Operations, University of Rochester Medical Center

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Watch the video to see IVX Station in action


Enhanced Safety 

  • Gravimetric controls provide high level of dose accuracy
  • Barcode scanning and advanced optical recognition verify correct ingredients for admixture 
  • Automated final product labeling reduces occurrence of error 
  • Tamper-evident syringe caps ensure product integrity 
  • Robotic technology and ISO Class 5 environment promote sterility and support extended beyond-use dating 

Greater Efficiency 

  • Autonomous substations that operate independently of the robot arm enable parallel processing, so multiple doses are prepared simultaneously 
  • Separate loading and unloading areas allow preparations to be retrieved without interrupting compounding in progress
  • Streamlined remote verification optimizes pharmacist's time 
  • Compatibility with a wide array of off-the-shelf consumables makes integration simple 
  • Can be combined with IVX Workflow to facilitate IV compounding throughout the healthcare system, through IVX Cloud

Novel Data Services and Support 

  • Formulary Tool Kit – Provides low cost access to cGMP stability and specific gravity data to enable extended beyond-use dates 


Weight: 1,800 lbs

Minimum space required (including clearances) for IVX Station is:

Width 2.9 m

Depth 2.7 m

Height 2.41 m

If multiple IVX Stations are put side by side, space between devices can remain at 1 m.

Minimum doorway size: 36" x 80"

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