Fill-in-Box Automated Filling System

Fill in Box Automated Filling Machine
Fill in Box Automated Filling Machine

The Easiest and Fastest Hopper Filling System

Our Fill-in-Box is an automated hopper filling system that can be used along with the Medimat or Robomat units. Simply tip the medicine packs into the hopper and they will be processed at an impressive rate of up to 250 packs an hour.

The Fill-in-Box has been engineered to easily sort bulk deliveries and has an input conveyor with a loading capacity of up to 400 packs. Capacity can be expanded up to several thousand packs by adding an additional conveyor belt. The system is fully automated, eliminating the need for manual pack handling for pharmacy staff, improving productivity.

  • At any time, the Fill-in-Box can easily be added to the Medimat or Robomat robotic dispensing systems.
  • Fully automated loading—no manual pack handling
  • Sorts bulk deliveries
  • Design flexibility


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