AccuFlex Single Dose Medication Packaging Automation

Image of the Accuflex machine
Image of the Accuflex machine

Flexible, Single Dose Automation to Increase Productivity and Profits

The AccuFlex® Single Dose Medication Packaging Automation accurately fills and labels a variety of patient-specific single-dose medication packaging based on incoming prescriptions. It helps pharmacies improve operational efficiency and reduce inventory and labor costs. The AccuFlex fills many types of medication packaging, such as 28- and 31-day blister cards and reclaimable unit dose packaging.

  • Throughput of 3.5 blister cards per minute
  • Highly accurate
  • Customizable label and foil
"What we value most about [our AccuFlex] is the partnership [it] brought with Omnicell. This is a company that stands behind their machines as well as their partners. Their support for their customers is excellent, and we are so glad that we took a giant leap forward with Omnicell by our side."

Jenna Merchant, Director of Operations, Shared Pharmacy


  • Fully interfaces with your Pharmacy Information System
  • Barcodes are verified and tracked automatically
  • Cassette inventory is tracked automatically
  • Detailed and custom reports are available to help optimize your packaging operation
  • Multiple workstation capability removes bottlenecks when queuing jobs and managing cassettes
  • Shared cassettes enable you to scale your operation exponentially by expanding your automation footprint with an additional Omnicell AccuFlex without needing to duplicate cassette and medication inventory


The AccuFlex system includes high-speed packaging technology, software, reports, formulary management, inventory management, labels, labeling system, installation, training, and support.

The Omnicell Operations Team will conduct a site survey with you to review specifics and discuss needs prior to implementation.

  • Dimensions: 8 x 12 x 11.8 feet
  • Total space requirements: 15 x 15 feet
  • Network requirements: 3 network drops (CAT5), including 1 for AccuFlex, 1 for workstation, and 1 for server
  • Air requirements: minimum of 15 CFM at 100 PSI with minimum supply of 60 gallons and an air dryer system to supply dry air
  • Electrical requirements: 220/240 VAC, 60-amp single-phase power, disconnect box mounted within sight and proximity to the AccuFlex
  • Access requirements: once unloaded, the AccuFlex and components require a pathway 64 inches wide by 96 inches high to move the system to its location


Omnicell is dedicated to providing maximum up-time and comprehensive product support. Please visit our Product Support page to learn more.

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