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August 22, 2019

Omnicell Launches Autonomous Pharmacy Vision for Retail Pharmacies at NACDS

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Combination of technology and intelligence designed to enable pharmacists to operate at the top of their license and provide best possible patient care

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 22, 2019-- Omnicell, Inc. (NASDAQ: OMCL), a leading provider of medication management solutions, including adherence tools for pharmacies, healthcare systems, and health plans, will roll out its vision of the Autonomous Pharmacy to retail pharmacies during the National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) Total Store Expo, taking place at the Boston Convention Center on August 24-26, 2019.

Today’s pharmacy care delivery system is driven by outdated workflows and manual processes, with $485 billion spent on medication management annually.1Omnicell is leading the digital transformation of medication management and pharmacy care delivery through the vision of a fully Autonomous Pharmacy. Designed to address clinical, operational, and compliance challenges, the Autonomous Pharmacy is a roadmap to maximize technology investments, cloud-based reporting, analytics, and benchmarking to drive more strategic decision making for improved business and population health outcomes.

“The Autonomous Pharmacy is the next radical transformation that will improve healthcare by streamlining medication management,” said Randall Lipps, chairman, president, chief executive officer, and founder of Omnicell. “Our goal is to enable healthcare providers to deliver higher quality, more efficient patient care. Today, Omnicell’s mission is to transform the pharmacy care delivery model. For the retail pharmacist, this means less time processing and refilling prescriptions and more time operating at the top of their license consulting with patients about their medication needs.”

More than 30 million Americans are taking five or more maintenance medications daily; however, as many as half of all patients who require medications to treat chronic conditions do not take them as prescribed.2,3 A clinical study comparing the use of adherence medication packaging and medication therapy management services demonstrated a clear improvement in clinical outcomes and adherence rates, with patients reaching a 90 percent adherence rate by the end of the study.4

Omnicell’s complete medication management portfolio supports greater visibility to medications, improved security, increased adherence and a better experience overall for both patients and clinicians. The company’s technology roadmap is advancing this vision through solutions including:

  • Omnicell Medication Synchronization: The Med Sync tool creates efficiencies for pharmacists and reduces risk that patients may mismanage or become non-adherent to their prescriptions. Med Sync provides managed delivery of multiple medications and notifications to patients regarding refills. It also enables and encourages patient interactions with pharmacists.
  • Omnicell MTM (Medication Therapy Management): Omnicell’s MTM solution provides clinical decision support for medication management and highly efficient workflow to improve patient outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and expand pharmacy revenue channels through payor programs.
  • Omnicell Population Health: This customizable program utilizes advanced analytics, various messaging channels, and patient care interventions to tailor care based on population needs and goals to improve patient outcomes and expand pharmacy revenue channels through payor programs.
  • Omnicell Transitional Care: Transitions following an episode of short- or long-term care present high risk for medication errors. The transitional care module was created to improve care by giving pharmacy access to hospital discharge data. It features intelligent medication reconciliation capabilities and simple appointment scheduling for follow-up calls or visits, with patients managed on a single screen for easy workflow.
  • Medication Adherence Packaging Solutions:Omnicell offers a wide range of medication packaging solutions and supplies to enhance medication adherence in a variety of non-acute care settings, including various multimed and single dose blister cards as well as software to streamline workflow and increase packing accuracy.

“As outcomes-based payments and quality measures continue to strongly influence provider reimbursement, community pharmacies positioned as integral members of the healthcare team will become indispensable,” said Rebecca W. Chater, RPh, MPH, FAPhA, director of Clinical Healthcare Strategy for Omnicell. “As we continue to make significant progress to improve the efficiency of dispensing activities through automation, this will give pharmacists more time to perform clinical activities and improve patient outcomes.”

Omnicell will showcase the Autonomous Pharmacy vision and current product portfolio in booth #1424 at the NACDS show.

About Omnicell

Since 1992, Omnicell has been inspired to create safer and more efficient ways to manage medications across all care settings. Through its industry-leading medication management platform that spans the continuum of care, Omnicell is developing a vision for a fully automated infrastructure, powered by a cloud data platform that supports improved patient care, fewer errors, enhanced safety, and new opportunities for growth.

Omnicell's vision for the Autonomous Pharmacy integrates a comprehensive set of solutions across three key areas: automation solutions designed to digitize and streamline workflows; intelligence that provides actionable insights to better understand medication usage and improve pharmacy supply chain management; and work - expert services that serve as an extension of pharmacy operations to support improved efficiency, regulatory compliance, and patient outcomes.

Over 5,500 facilities worldwide use Omnicell automation and analytics solutions to help increase operational efficiency, reduce medication errors, deliver actionable intelligence, and improve patient safety. More than 40,000 institutional and retail pharmacies across North America and the United Kingdom leverage Omnicell's innovative medication adherence solutions designed to improve patient engagement and adherence to prescriptions, helping to reduce costly hospital readmissions.

To learn more about Omnicell and its Autonomous Pharmacy vision, please visit

1 The Global Use of Medicine in 2019 and Outlook to 2023. January 2019, IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science.

2 Brown, M. & Bussell, J., Medication Adherence: WHO Cares?, Mayo Clinic Proc., Vol. 84, No 4, April 2011.

3 Iuga, A. & McGuire, M., Adherence and health care costs, Risk Manag Healthc Policy, Vol. 7, February 2014.

4 Pinto S, Simon A, Osundina F, Jordan M, Ching D. Study to Measure the Impact of Pharmacists and Pharmacy Services (STOMPP) on Medication Non-Adherence: Medication Adherence and Clinical Outcomes. Innovations in Pharmacy. 2018;9(1).

Source: Omnicell, Inc.

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