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XT Anesthesia Workstation

Anesthesia providers need easy access to medications in the operating room, but pharmacy teams must keep medications secure. The Omnicell XT Anesthesia Workstation is the answer. It makes medications quickly and readily available while giving pharmacy an end-to-end solution that delivers effective oversight.


  • Improved Security

    Heightens security and accountability of controlled substances.

  • Patient Safety

    Increases patient safety and reduces risk of unlabeled medication with the Syringe Label Printer.

  • Improved Efficiency

    Improves efficiency for pharmacy and anesthesia providers.

  • Supports Compliance

    Supports regulatory compliance and tighter chain of custody.


XT Anesthesia Workstation Overview


XT Anesthesia Workstation

Learn how the XT Anesthesia Workstation is an end-to-end solution that delivers effective oversight of controlled substances for pharmacy and convenience for anesthesia providers.

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