February 15, 2021

The COVID Vaccine Is Here–How Should Retail Pharmacies Prepare?

Podcast Episode 3

With COVID-19 vaccines available and actively being distributed to frontline workers and high-risk populations, it is imperative that retail pharmacies are preparing now to vaccinate the general population in the coming months.  

As highly trusted and accessible healthcare providers and emerging frontline heroes in helping people manage through the pandemic, pharmacists must prepare now for the significant increases in patient and pharmacy workflow demand that are expected from administering the COVID-19 vaccine. The COVID-19 vaccine is one of the most anticipated events in healthcare history, and we expect a commensurately major impact on the practice and business of community pharmacy. 

In this discussion with EnlivenHealth’s pharmacy expert, Mike Cantrell, and Duane Jones, Clinical Program Director and Pharmacy District Manager at Harps Food Stores, learn their best practice recommendations on how to strategically and operationally prepare for the increased workload and safety precautions associated with this vaccine administration. Also, hear from Duane on how Harps is implementing strategies and solutions to ensure its pharmacies are prepared for the vaccine.  


  • Duane Jones, BS Pharm, Clinical Program Director and Pharmacy District Manager, Harps Food Stores, Inc 
  • Mike Cantrell, RPh, Esq., Sr. Director Regional Operations, EnlivenHealth™


  • Ken Perez, Vice President of Healthcare Policy, Omnicell 



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