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Patient Management Access Portal - PMAP

PMAP ImageThe Omnicell Patient Management Access Portal (PMAP) is a single, web-based portal that hosts all functionality to guide and track patient notes, interventions, and appointments. PMAP provides the pharmacy with a holistic view of patients, not only by organizing prescriptions, but by identifying, preparing, and documenting ongoing patient engagement.

PMAP integrates with pharmacy management systems (PMS), facilitating a bidirectional data flow. PMAP prioritizes patient engagements and pharmacy tasks using predictive analytics thus increasing efficiency by streamlining workflow.  As a single sign-on portal, PMAP integrates with third-party software companies, such as iMedicare, Mirixa, immunization registries, etc. to provide a comprehensive view of patients' health. 

This platform drives and manages multiple applications including Time My Meds Medication Synchronization and Immunization Solutions.

More about PMAP

  • Time My Meds - Med Sync

    Drive revenue and increase your script growth with the Omnicell Time My Meds®, Medication Synchronization Solution. Medication Synchronization (Med Sync) coordinates a patient’s chronic prescriptions to be picked up at the same time each month, providing the opportunity for the pharmacy to intervene with the patient on a regular schedule. 

    More about Time My Meds - Med Sync
  • Immunization Solutions

    Omnicell’s Immunization Solutions enhance your vaccination workflow, allowing your pharmacy to drive sales by targeting eligible patients for immunization interventions such as flu, pneumonia, shingles and more.

    More about Immunization Solutions

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