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SureMed by Omnicell Perforated Multimed Blister Card

301-96 Perforated Card for Guided Packing and VBM 200F

Improving Medication Adherence

Guided Packing Software and the VBM 200F automation both utilize the SureMed Class B certified, perforated blister cards. SureMed blister cards are designed to improve patient adherence by clearly organizing and labeling multiple medications.


  • Consolidated label with patient information, full-color drug images and dosing instructions
  • Patient and pharmacy information printed directly on the front of the card
  • Perforated card allows individual doses to be removed and allows patient versatility on-the-go
  • Easy-to-understand, clearly marked day-of-the week and time passes
  • Drug information printed on back of each individual blister
  • Larger morning and evening blister sizes to accommodate larger doses commonly associated with these time passes

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