Medication Adherence

MTS-350 Semi-Automated Filler and Sealer

The Omnicell® MTS-350™ is a flexible, easy-to-use filler and sealer capable of filling most medications into a variety of single-dose blister card packaging. By enabling your pharmacy technicians to package more than 240 cards per hour, the MTS-350 helps you achieve significant operational efficiency within your pre-pack operation.


  • Faster Packaging

    Package up to 10 times faster than by hand.

  • Variability

    Fill a wide range of medications and packaging styles.

  • Minimize Motion

    Use minimal operator motion to improve efficiency.

  • Quality Assurance

    Provide consistent, quality sealing with temperature and time controls.

  • Eliminate Pressure

    Eliminate blister card pressure variant using robust automated sealing station.