Our Environmental, Social, and Governance Program

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Our Purposeful Journey: Innovating for a Better Way

Omnicell’s strategic framework for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) centers around four core pillars: Environmental, Social, Governance, and Innovation. The inclusion of Innovation as our fourth pillar underscores its significance within our organization and our aim to foster innovation-driven ESG efforts. Everything we do strives toward positively transforming healthcare by creating Our Better Way – the foundation of our strategy that shapes our entire outlook.

Our ESG strategy follows a risk-based approach, while aiming to leverage ESG opportunities to enhance our performance and maximize positive impact. Additionally, we recognize the importance of embedding ESG throughout our business, aligning these efforts with our organizational ethos, which encompasses our Promise, Purpose, and Guiding Principles.

Read our 2023 ESG Report to learn more about what we’ve accomplished and where we’re heading.


For questions or further information about Omnicell’s ESG Program, please contact:  

Corey J. Manley, Executive Vice President, Chief Legal and Administrative Officer 

Kathleen Nemeth, Sr. Vice President, Investor Relations